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A Payroll Bureau Processing Service is Managed Payroll Sercive which allows the client to fully focus on their main business areas.

In Payroll Bureau Processing Services client provides monthly Payroll Data to CoreBiz and we will process payroll based on the data using CBizS HR and Payroll System and provide a set of standard Payroll reports including Pay Slips, Payroll Register, Payroll Reconciliation. (Prev. Month to Current Month) Audit Report,  GL  Journal Export file, Bank Transfer, New Joiners, Leavers, Employee profile changes audit, etc every month. CoreBiz can provide additional reports as per specific requirements of client at nominal add-on cost for custom development of these reports.

CoreBiz can provide Payroll Processing services to number of clients directly and through our business partners like InterComp Multi Jurisdictional Payroll worldwide.

How Payroll Bureau Processing Works?

  • Client gives us Company logo and payroll calculations and the employee information for initial system configuration and environment set up of CBizS HR and Payroll System.
  • CoreBiz will set up system environment on CoreBiz Servers.
  • Client gives payroll data to CoreBiz every month in the payroll data template formats (PDT) including the information on new joiners and levers during the month to run the payroll by the cut off date as per payroll cycle calendar.
  • CoreBiz will process monthly payroll data using the CBizS HR and Payroll System.
  • CoreBiz will provide a set of standard Payroll reports including Pay Slips, Payroll Register, Payroll Reconciliation. (Prev. Month to Current Month) Audit Report, GL Journal Export file, Bank Transfer, New Joiners, Leavers, Employee profile changes audit, etc every month for the approval of the client.
  • Client verifies and confirms if the payroll is approved. If there are any correction then client advices CoreBiz accordingly with the changes.
  • CoreBiz will reprocess with the change indicated by client and resubmit the reports for approval.
  • Client confirms the final approval of the payroll.
  • CoreBiz prints the payslips and required payroll reports and sends the enveloped payslips with printed reports to client through courier.
  • Client makes the necessary arrange for the bank / cash / cheque payments.
  • Payroll cycle is closed.

Payroll Bureau Processing Service

  • Payroll master data – Basic Salary, Payroll earnings and deductions, allowance and income base calculations
  • Monthly transactions – expense recoveries, miscellaneous earnings and reimbursements, PFI Deduction, Salary increases, adjustments, allowance, leave, loan, sign-on bonus options.
  • Full payroll setup and run – includes payroll runs for leave and termination
  • Set up Creation in CBizS HR & Payroll system (To be installed and managed on CoreBiz server), employee profile creation, Initial Test / Parallel runs.
  • GL interface provision – interface generation and GL account lookup and setup
  • System generated pay slip , standard payroll report and bank transfer report
  • Various management, department summary, reconciliation, bank and payroll master reports
  • Provision of leave liability balances, leave entitlements and leave summary reports
  • All payroll standard reports are provided in password protected electronic soft copy (PDF & Excel) formats

Purchase Options :

         CoreBiz offers HR, PAYROLL, ESS solution & services as follows :
  • Software as a Service (Hosted)
  • Payroll Processing Service
  • HR & Payroll software license ( Client site / Hosted )
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