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CbizS Garage is the ideal solution for workshop management. Cost effective, powerful, yet easy to use, it provides the perfect platform to improve efficiency and make running your business that much easier. As a complete management system no need to add extra modules later-- its all there from the start.

  • Customer details - Fast, easy entry of your customer details. Enter their details once and you then have access to any customer's records within seconds. Enter addresses, telephone numbers, agreed hourly rates etc. CbizS Garage automatically updates each customer's last invoice date, and how many vehicles they have on your system. You can give each customer an individual labour rate and any parts discount that you might want to offer. Both these can be adjusted at the point you create the invoice. Locate any customer by: Name , Postcode, Vehicle Reg, or any line of their address
  • Invoicing Powerful easy to use invoicing automatically enters customer and vehicle details. One button access to all your invoices for quick access to vital data. Displays parts with optional price discount you might have given. One button access to all unpaid invoices You can find any customers and vehicle details within 8 seconds! You can rename the 5 invoice charge categories to suit your business, giving you even greater flexibility on how you use CbizS Garage.
*Find any invoice in under 8 seconds even if its 1 - 2 - 3 or more years ago
  • Vehicle details Store as much or as little of your customers vehicle details. You can store next Timing belt, oil and filter change dates and mileage. Service details can be viewed or printed off. If you carry out safety inspections on LGV's then you can enter the weekly period these are due and send out safety reminder letters.
  • Work in progress Keep track of all jobs as they enter your workshop. Create a job sheet then place on job watch. You will then be able to track and monitor this job.
  • Parts You can create your part catalogue and then use the full stock control system or if you prefer you can just enter the part names and create your own parts catalogue, and not worry about stock control. Once you have entered your parts you simply choose each part name from a drop down list the price and any discount you want to offer is shown on the invoice. Remember that you don’t have to use the stock control part of CbizS Garage if you prefer not to. Parts can also be added to the invoice as non stock items, in which case you enter the part name as you want it to appear on the invoice. All prices can be adjusted at the point of sale.
  • Diary and Appointments CbizS Garage has a full appointments system, this allows you to make appointment in two ways or a combination of the two. First as a visual check box showing appointment times, in an easy to view way. Using the system this way you can view a visual time sheet based on either a ramp - bay or employee. You can then record time slots by a simple click of the mouse. At a glance you can view a whole days time slots, for any ramp bay or person. You can then go on to adding information about this booking in much more detail. You can create the time slots to suit your business, you have 48 time slots per day, however this is for each ramp, bay, or person, you can have an unlimited amount of these.
  • Invoice categories You can rename the 6 invoice categories on the invoice you give to your customers, to suit your business, the default headings are: Labour , Parts, Lubricants, Outside, Others and Recovery however you could change these to say : Service, Valet, Collection, Labour, Recovery etc. You can rename them to what you wish.
  • Stock control Enter all your parts or just your most popular ones. Once entered onto the system you can analyze each part sale and to what invoice it has been allocated ---automatically. If it is a non stock item you can enter the name as you wish together with quantities and any discounts you want to offer. Depending on how much of the system you want to use you can keep track of stock levels, re-orders and next delivery dates. Remember that you don’t have to use the stock control part of CbizS Garage if you don’t want to. The system will work out buying and selling margins on any of your products. If you sell tyres then you will want to use our 'Price checker'. Enter your part names for example: Pirelli 185/16/65 and add this to category you will have created called '185/16/65', enter all the different brands that you sell, now all you have to do from the front screen is select '185/16/65' and all the tyre brands of that size will appear with price and stock cross check.
  • Customer Accounts Keep track of all your customers payments with these easy to use feature. If you wish to, you can set up individual redit limits and run your customers credit account in this way. You can track payments history and how your customer paid. Payment can be allocated to an invoice, you can also allocate part payments to a customers invoice. Accounts can be put on stop.
  • Send monthly statements You can send monthly statements to your account holders detailing monthly invoices raised and payments that have been made.
  • Reminder Letters Create more business with our easy to use reminder system. Create your letter without having to merge data with other applications. However you can if you prefer use our Word template and send your reminder as a Word document. Reminders letters in either format can be sent for : Service , Safety check, and a general mail shot letter.
  • Credit setter Keep control of monies owed to you with our build in Credit Control System. Easy to use with plenty of options to send statements, reminder letters etc.
  • Business analysis tools With your data in the system you can now use our powerful business analysis tools to see what your business is doing and what customers spend the most
  • Job sheets Keeping track of your jobs and parts used for each job will be made easier with CbizS Garage. Job Watch monitors those waiting jobs
  • Supplier accounts If you wish you can set up your factors names and address and keep an up to the minute log of how much you owe them. You have the option to set up the system to tell you when to pay which invoice.
  • Monthly booking chart, showing days of the month and vehicles, clearly differentiating between future bookings, current rentals, and past rentals.
  • Automatic vehicle selection (with manual override).
  • Tracking of vehicle service history.
  • Reports on vehicle utilization and maintenance costs.
  • Reports on monthly revenue.
  • Report on rentals over a specified period.
  • Accounts receivable.
  • Tracking of referrals and commissions.
  • Daily reports on vehicles to be issued and returned.
  • Reminders for overdue rentals.
  • Printing of contracts.
  • Search for bookings by family name or transaction number.
  • Damage reports.
  • Rental rate options for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 days, plus weekly, monthly and weekend rates.
  • Tracking of insurance due dates.
  • Optional mileage charge.
  • Optional CDW/insurance charge.
  • Rate for additional driver.
  • Password protected setup.
  • Data file backup.
  • Choice of date format.
  • Rental quotations.
  • Hot keys for repetitive functions.
  • Networkable.
  • Up to 6 vehicle locations.
  • Sort vehicles by category or location.
  • Calculate rental days based on 24 hour periods or calendar days.
  • Report on customers' birthdays.
  • Option for hourly rates.
  • Print invoices for account holders.
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